Dues Payment

At Spring Valley Manor’s 2017 General POA Membership meeting, members approved annual mandatory Property Owners Association (POA) dues of $50.00 per household.  Of course, you are welcome to pay your dues early! Our POA Dues Drive runs January 1st-February28th, and dues must be paid in full by cutoff date, midnight.  Members may apply to the POA Board for a Hardship Waiver by completing and submitting the Waiver Form.  If there is a substantial change in the POA Budget, the yearly amount due  may be reevaluated and voted on each year by the SVM Members present and voting at the POA General Membership Meeting.

There is also a “Pay it Forward” option below to allow any Spring Valley member at large to pay the annual dues for one of their neighbors!

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POA Annual Dues Plus Extra Giving Options

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Thank you for paying your Spring Valley Manor Property Owners Association dues on time!

Please make sure your dues are paid in full by cutoff date, February 28th.


The idea behind the original “pay it forward” concept is that whenever you benefit of a good deed, you let others participate by doing a good deed, instead of repaying the benefactor. However, you don’t have to wait until someone does you a good deed. You can also be the one who starts paying it forward, the one who sets it all in motion. Spring Valley Manor decided to use the Pay it Forward concept in regards to our annual dues…

  1. Know a neighborhood on a fixed income who may find it hard to pay their annual dues?
  2. Have an elderly neighbor you want to do something nice for?
  3. Have a neighbor you feel would benefit in another way by you paying their dues?

Whatever the reason, your generosity is undeniably a very generous and kind deed and what the Pay it Forward concept is all about!   Your gift will be anonymous unless you tell us otherwise.

Thank You For Helping a Neighbor!
Who Are You Gifting To?

What Happens After I Hit the “PAY NOW” Button?

Step One:
When you hit the “Pay Now” button you will be redirected to a new page and given two payment options:
#1 – Pay by signing into your PayPal account
#2 – Pay using a credit or debit card 

Step Two:
If you choose to pay using a credit or debit card you will be redirected to a page requesting credit card information (#3). Please follow the directions on the page.